About Me

When our oldest child was a toddler, I began reading to her at bedtime. We quickly exhausted our supply of books, leading me to create impromptu stories. My husband soon joined our nightly story sessions, and our daughter frequently requested the same tales, each rendition slightly different. Encouraged by my husband, I started to write these stories down.

This marked the beginning of my journey from a novice to a published writer. Over the years, I have taken various writing courses, joined writing groups, and attended numerous workshops and conferences. I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received along the way.

The joy of receiving my first acceptance letter and seeing my story in print with my byline are cherished memories. Since then, I have had stories and articles published in children’s magazines such as Kids World, Hopscotch, and On the Line.

For a period, I served as the publication assistant, reporter, and photographer for the Denwood Dispatch, while freelancing for Alberta Diver and the Wainwright Star Chronicle. Additionally, I wrote a bi-weekly column for the Vermilion and Area Crisis Line, published in both the Vermilion Standard and the Wainwright Star Chronicle.

As my children grew, so did the complexity of the characters in my stories. Eventually, I began writing for an audience of my own peers, rather than solely for my children. I am currently completing work on my mystical fantasy novel.

In March 2008, I launched my homemaking blog, Super Mom – No Cape! On this platform, I share sewing and craft tutorials, recipes, and other homemaking tips, aiming to pass on the knowledge I have gained as a stay-at-home wife and mother. To date, I have published over 690 posts and am thankful for a growing subscriber list. With the invaluable help of our son, an accomplished professional web designer, the site has been moved to a new host and improved and updated.

In addition to writing, I have started experimenting with artwork, primarily working in watercolor. My focus is on landscape, nature, animal, and still life art. This new creative endeavor brings a fresh perspective to my storytelling, enriching my artistic expression.

I hope you will join me as I “talk story” with you once again.